Nintendo builds on celeb ads as Kinect prowls

'Real consumers' star in Nintendo Christmas ads, as MS goes for stars...

Nintendo's set to build on its celebrity-focused advertising for Wii and DS this Winter, with "real consumers" set to make up its latest ad campaign.

In the past the platform holder's commissioned the likes of Girls Aloud, Patrick Stewart and erm, Jedward to star in its telly ads, but now in addition Nintendo says it's also turning to us normal folk.


This Christmas Nintendo has dedicated half of its spend on a celeb-free promotion, it says.

"These incredible stories demonstrate the wide appeal of Nintendo products for a number of different uses," Nintendo UK marketing director told MCV.

Microsoft meanwhile is heading in the other direction in its attempts to woo the masses, signing up singer Sophie Ellis-Bextor to push Kinect and of course THAT appearance on Oprah

At its bizarre E3 Kinect Experience event at E3 this year, Microsoft called in Jack Osbourne and Nadine Coyle to walk the red (shouldn't that be green?) carpet.

Kinect's television advertising however has thus far starred only smiley-faced models dancing around the living room, though we've got a feeling it won't be long before a familiar face pushes the motion cam on screen.

Oh, and we're yet to see Dizzee Rascal holding a Move controller in a magazine.

What say you, CVG readers? Do you prefer seeing a pretty, familiar face in your game ads? Or does the personal touch hit it home? OR - would you rather game publishers just focused on the games?

UPDATE: Nintendo's offered clarification on its ad plans, telling CVG "we have more celebrities and talent this year than we have ever had before in previous years."

"The 'real stories' element of our campaign is in fact an added layer of activity and in no way replaces or substitutes our celebrity marketing activity," a spokesperson said. "The two campaigns have very different aims and objectives hence they run side by side.

"As we've repeatedly stated - we follow our own path and strategy and do what we believe is right for us when it is right for us to do so."