David Cage: 'There is no Horizon'

Quantic Dream boss debunks rumoured next project

The head of Heavy Rain studio Quantic Dream has completely debunked rumours that the team's next project is codenamed "Horizon".

Horizon was muttered as at least a working title for a Quantic Dream game back in June, there were even a few details floating about the murky web.


Hold your horses, said Cage in an exclusive interview with Official PlayStation Magazine:

"There's no project called Horizon currently in development at Quantic Dream.

"This is a codename that one of our partners used in casting sessions along with an unrelated script to avoid leaks from actors," he continues.

"It seems it was definitely a wise decision."

A wise decision indeed even if the overall outcome is a bit disappointing.

Cage did, however, confirm that Quantic Dream is working on two titles at the moment with the aim of creating new ways of playing as it did with Heavy Rain.

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