Minecraft attacked by angry players

Disenfranchised users launch DDOS attack on indie hit

Indie world-building game Minecraft was brought to its knees this week by a malicious distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack.


Launched by 'fans' of the PC phenomenon unhappy with what they perceive to be a lack of promised game updates, the attack hammered the game's servers, stopping legitimate users from getting their fix.

A group claiming to be behind the attack said: "Its purpose is to send Notch [game creator Markus Persson] a clear message of how the future of minecraft will turn out unless he gets to work, namely by influencing the amount of sales taking place, due to the attacks. Start providing your customers with the updates that you promise them."

Responding to the attack, Persson said on his blog: "I've signed up for a DDoS protection service, and took the chance to upgrade the server hardware to a much more powerful beast. I haven't migrated things over to that server yet, but that's coming soon."

Minecraft places players in a visually simple, large and hostile 3D world in which they have to build tools and find resources to survive. Its multiplayer allows users to collaborate or compete.

The game has been in development for more than a year and is currently in alpha phase, but its massive popularity has netted its creator as much as $350,000 from sales in a single day.