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'Brace yourself' for 'gob smacking' Hitman 5

There have been delays to the game, admits Agent 47 voice actor

David Bateson, the veteran actor who has voiced Agent 47 in every Hitman game to date, has told gamers to brace themselves for the as-yet-unannounced but "gob smacking" Hitman 5.


Asked by thegamingliberty what we can expect from the game, he said: "I have to plead the 5th Amendment on this one. I am under contract not to say anything. There have been delays. However, like I said earlier, if the artwork is anything to go by... brace yourself."

Despite being under strict orders not to talk about the game, Bateson couldn't help mentioning it a second time.

"In all the years of Hitman, I have been overwhelmingly gratified and humbled by the sheer dedication to the Hitman franchise that the fans have expressed," he said.

"For all the kind things that have been said, I am truly thankful. That kind of dedication and appreciation of the game deserves repayment... with an even more gob smacking instalment in Hitman 5. I don't envy IO Interactive for the pressure they must under to deliver. I am utterly convinced they will."

Reports have claimed that Hitman 5 will see deadly baldy Agent 47 "at a low point" and trying to build himself back up psychologically and physically to reclaim his mantle as the world's most feared assassin.

Unfortunately, it's not expected to hit retail shelves until "Christmas 2011 at the earliest".

[ SOURCE: thegamingliberty ]