CVG's Site Of The Week: Citizen Game

We big up the best game websites on the net

CVG's Site Of The Week returns as we give kudos to games sites big and small that we feel are doing a bang up job.

We highlighted some of our favourite gaming havens earlier in the year but there's a lot more to come.


This week we're eyeing up Citizen Game, a website which spawned from an independently run video game community founded in 2008.

Focusing on games post-release, the site's editorial is geared towards blogs and reviews accompanied by a weekly podcast.

Citizen Game: The Show is what really caught our attention though. Hitting the web each month, it's a witty video wave of gaming content, culture and critique, put together apparently with "no cash, no time and no respect for the dead".

It's billed as "The best video game show you've never heard of", but now you have.

CVG caught up with founding citizen (or editor, if you want) Danny O'Dwyer to find out what Citizen Game does best and what's coming up in the future.

What sets Citizen Game apart from other sites?
From an editorial perspective we try to keep to original content. There are plenty of accomplished news websites out there, and though it can be tempting to play the numbers game, we prefer to create content that drives discussion in our community.

So alongside our review and features content we deliver editorials, allow users to create their own groups and organise game nights and tournaments.

We also pump out quite a lot of good quality video content, not to mention our popular weekly podcast. We are absolutely a quality over quantity operation and it shows as many of our staff have gone on to full time employment in games media.

What would you say you specialise in?
Our video show is probably the most unique part of our site. High quality video content is about good writing and being honest with yourself about quality and we pride ourselves on what we've achieved in the show.

It's been received really well by our users and our press friends and we really love doing it. Trying to get the word out to the wider audiences is our priority now.

The site was built around our weekly podcast which has been running for about 3 years now. Again, it's all about taking time to make sure it's listenable and not just a soapbox for the contributors.

What do you have planned for the future?
Next week we'll be launching Episode Four of the show which is a travel-doc of sorts for gamers thinking about attending a gaming convention on the continent.

We cover the costs, what goes on, how the events are run and so on. It's our best show by a country mile, so we can't wait to get it out there.

Apart from that we held a live event for the London Games Festival recently and we hope to organise a few more over the coming months, my girlfriend doesn't accept many excuses for me to sit in the pub all day and play games so I take them when they come!

Barring any catastrophic disasters the our weekly podcast will continue to be released every Monday.

We're also working on a lot of exciting stuff that we haven't announced so stay tuned for that.