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Star Wars: Force Unleashed 2 review - 7.8 in GI

'One of 2010's biggest disappointments' says mag

The first Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II review score is in and it's... Okay.

The review comes from Game Informer, which awards the second Force Unleashed a 7.8.

Not too bad, you might think - but many will have expected the Star Wars sequel to break into the healthy eights.

US mag Game Informer said that it was the game's narrative that let it down the most, which it called "A shadow of its former self". Ouch.


"The graceful gameplay offers a higher level of excitement, but the plot and characterization - two large components from which I expect great things from any Star Wars journey - makes this experience one of 2010's biggest disappointments."

You've probably had a good go on the Force Unleashed II demo so you'll have an idea of how it plays.

The full game hits shelves on October 29.

[ SOURCE: Metacritic ]