Sony: PS3 Skype a possibility

Popular PSP feature is in high demand for PS3

Sony has said that Skype - a service that allows users to make free phone calls over the internet - may be on the cards for future PS3 upgrades.


In an interview with Kotaku, Michael Ephraim, Managing Director of Sony Computer Entertainment Australia, was asked by a user if the service - which is available on the PSP - would ever make it to the PS3.

While he didn't outright confirm it was on the way, Ephraim was optimistic, saying that Sony's dev teams keep a close eye on just the "desirability of the feature set".

"Our global development teams certainly take into account the relative desirability of the feature set, so consumer needs and technology innovation really drive the product development process." said Ephraim.

The Sony exec reiterated that feature upgrades such as Skype were a very real possibility thanks to the PS3's ability to upgrade software.

"It's impossible to look into the future but I would guess, like everything, it's a possibility particularly with PS3 system software upgrade ability."

Sony has cut the price of the PSPgo in the US and Japan.

[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]