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Blizzard willing to assist Bungie with MMOG

WOW dev open to the idea of helping with Halo studio's future projects

World of Warcraft developer Blizzard could lend its expertise to a potential Bungie MMO project.

That's according to Rob Pardo, the studio's executive vice president of game design, who told our friends at Edge:


"There are a lot of ifs there. It would have to be a very specific proposal. Blizzard are very focussed on our own stuff and I think one of the reasons that we're successful is because we don't get distracted.

"That said, Activision is in the family and Bungie is doing stuff for Activision. If they called us up and wanted some advice or wanted to have a conversation, absolutely, but I do that with a lot of my game developer friends throughout the industry."

He added: "As far as something specific, like if they were going to do an MMO would we somehow do customer service for them? Wow, thats like really far out there. I really have no idea - that's a lot of speculation. It's possible, I guess."

At GDC last month, Bungie creative director Joe Staten seemingly dropped a major hint that the developer's new multiplatform project will feature a persistent MMO-style world.

"As far as whether I'd welcome a Bungie MMO, I certainly would as a gamer," Pardo told Edge. "I think that's one of the other reasons we've been so successful at Blizzard - all of us play and love games. We're as big a fans as anybody. I would love to play a Bungie MMO. I think it would be cool."

[ SOURCE: Edge ]