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Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare

Zombie cowboys? We're listening...

A game as successful as Red Dead Redemption can't just trot out of our lives and into the sunset - it should go out with a bang.

While Red Dead DLC in the past has offered up some nice additions to its online portion - Tomahawks, horse racing, poker - none of them have really been game changers.

But the Undead Nightmare Pack comes with a brand new single-player segment as well as a new multiplayer mode.

Oh, and it turns everyone into zombies, which changes everything. How's that for a bang?

Sure, it's been done before. In fact at the moment it seems zombies are to games what vampires are to films and TV - you can throw them into anything and people are going to go at least a little bit nuts.


Rockstar's got on the zombie train while the fever's still spiking, but the Red Dead western zombie combo actually works really well in its own right.

You take control of John Marston after his wife and son, Jack, have been bitten by scabby old Uncle (scabby because he's somehow become zombified). With them safely hog-tied, spitting and writhing behind a locked door, Marston goes out in search of answers and a cure.

First of all, the stuff you know. Undead Nightmare is set in the same sprawling environment of sparsely scattered little towns as the main Red Dead game. Except this time its that little bit bleaker because, you know, everyone's dead and all that.

There's a constant fog hanging over the land and heavy rain showers the most infected areas. The thick cloud allows for plenty of opportunity for that low sun that was so impressive the first time around to break through every now and then though.

You can also expect the same great voice acting and sharp dialogue from old friends (kind of) like Nigel West Dickens, Seth the grimy grave robber and his mate Moses - although he doesn't say much any more.

The structure and flow of the DLC is the same as the main game as well. As you frantically dash from town-to-town, person-to-person, between clusters of flesh-eaters to find out what exactly is going on.

You'll also run into side-missions in the form of missing people, random zombie attacks on loners out in the wilderness and overrun towns that could do with a helping hand.

Like the main game then there's loads to be going at, hours in fact, although it's hard to put a number on it because how involved you get is up to you. No time to save those few survivors standing on roofs shooting down at their once living friends and relatives? Just plough through the town and ride on cowboy.


If you do stop to help though you'll be rewarded with some extra ammo (which runs out fast if you don't loot bodies and crack open chests) and a safe place to sleep and save.

If you do decide to take on the horde (and we use the word "decide" lightly) your approach needs to be completely different to what it was in classic Red Dead.

You don't need to be doctor to know that zombies aren't going to hide behind cover popping their head up every now and then as an easy target, they just don't have the balance. Instead you'll find yourself dealing with the typical zombie swarm, getting all up in your space, clawing and gnawing at your face.

You'll spend more time running and gunning than ducking and hiding then, in what's a nice turn of pace in comparison to the main game.

We also found it efficient to get in close with the zombies every now and then, making use of that quick, execution shot Marston pulls off so well. A shotgun under the chin is predictably final.

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