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Okamiden is 'a game like no other' - Eshiro

Capcom producer reckons his game is totally unique

You won't have played another game like Okamiden. That's according to Motohide Eshiro, the producer of Capcom's big DS game of 2011.

Eshiro chose to big up his forthcoming adventure on the latest episode of the Nintendo Week - Nintendo's US version of our own NintendoTV.

"Okamiden is a game like no other," he said. "It provides you with a totally new gameplay style. You're going to have a lot of fun drawing with the Celestial Brush on the game. The sound design and music are fantastic and it's really a heart-warming tale."

And if you weren't already considering playing it, Eshiro told DS owners that it's worth playing just to see what happens at the end. "For those people who beat the game there is a special reward at the end. It's worth playing through to the very end, so please check it out."

It's looking good, but a game like no other? To us, it just looks like Okami on DS. Which, of course, is no bad thing.