Force Unleashed 2 review round-up

The Force is kind of strong in this one

In just a few days time Darth Vader's secret apprentice Starkiller will make his triumphant - but unexpected - return.

The Jedi's already hit the shops in the States however, where the first Force Unleashed 2 reviews have started to arrive.


GamesRadar has given the sequel an 8/10, stating that it fixes "nearly every" issue that marred the first game. Starkiller finally feels like the "force-wielding one-man army" he was intended to be, it says, and the game takes the player on a "truly grand tour of the Star Wars universe".

However, GR says the "overall campaign is short" and fails to "innovate or add a lot of new stuff", it features "dazzling visuals", "improved controls" and cool combat.

Joystiq has awarded Force Unleashed 2 with 3/5 stars. In its review it describes many of the situations in the game as bordering "on being bad Star Wars camp". The review didn't think too highly of the gameplay either, which is described as "mediocre", "inelegant" and consisting mostly of spamming "whatever button activates the power that the specific enemy you're fighting at the time is weak against".

Ouch. The site adds that it reckons those looking for a great new Star Wars story can probably "find better games now in a galaxy much, much closer".

Game Informer, which has described the game as "one of 2010's biggest disappointments" gave TFU2 7.75. According to the review the game "shatters continuity by reuniting players with a dead man".

While it "is easily one of this generation's best looking games" and the "combat offers more depth" the "story holds an otherwise fun game back".

We'll update this round-up as and when more reviews show up so check back regularly for more.

Former Star Wars: The Force Unleashed director Haden Blackman recently established a new independent developer called Fearless Studios.