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God of War: Ghost of Sparta review round-up

Kratos returns... expect blood

In just one week, Kratos will once again be killing, maiming and bludgeoning all manner of living creatures in God of War: Ghost of Sparta for the PSP.

PlayStation LifeStyle has given Kratos' latest killing spree 9/10. According to its review the visuals in Ghost of Sparta "are some of the platform's best"; "backgrounds and levels expansive" and "Kratos and even the enemies are incredibly detailed".


Joystick has awarded the game 4.5/5, describing it as a "really pretty" action game with "refined combat and a more engrossing story than Chains of Olympus". Although "the formula hasn't changed in any huge way" the game still lives "up to your expectations -- and sometimes exceed them".

Evil Avatar has also awarded Ghost of Sparta 4.5/5. The review points out the "well written, cohesive narrative extends Kratos as a character" and says that despite "mildly irritating" controls the "great visuals" reinvigorate the stale series.

Gametrailers was equally positive, giving the game 9.4/10. The story is praised for filling in details surrounding Kratos' past while "tantalising" the player with twists and turns throughout. A large variety of enemies keep the game from getting old and the brutal combat is "extremely gratifying".

The "jaw-dropping visuals" and "excellent production values" has earned God of War: Ghost of Sparta a 7/10 from Videogamer, whilst Eurogamer goes for a 7.

Who's picking this up then?