Should we welcome Apple to mainstream gaming?

Debate: Is Steve Jobs' cash waving exciting or terrifying?

Big names and even bigger figures were thrown about all over the place last week when Apple was rumoured to have something in the region of 51 billion dollars to spend on the acquisition of a company.

We can't even imagine how 51 billion would fit on a bank statement let alone what kind of things it could buy in terms of intellectual property, companies... Maybe even souls?

Those loitering on the Wall Street curbs, however, said that 51 billion one dollar coins could see Apple in the market for companies as big as Walt Disney and Facebook. Go on, go and lie down for a while, we'll be here when you get back.

Better? Good, because the bit that matters to us is still to come. Other big names in the mix for a possible Apple takeover included EA and even Sony.


TechRadar's Patrick Goss said he'd snap up Valve if he was in the Apple hot seat (which we think would probably smell like apple pie).

At the moment, Apple's only contribution to gaming is a platform that hosts some pretty addictive but pretty basic app games.

It looks like Jobs and company have got their eyes set on bigger virtual fish though, now it's just a case of selecting a pan with which to fry.

So, say Apple did want to get involved in mainstream, big-time, full fat gaming, where would you direct it for the biggest impact? Should Apple target Sony so that it has the capital and the years of experience and expertise?

What would the implications be if Apple snapped up a publisher instead of a power-house platform holder?

More importantly, would you even welcome Apple into our world of big-screen, HD, blockbuster gaming?

Sure Apple's got a knack for style and salesmanship but is it a company that can target and nurture great developers and their games?

If Apple was to swoop in for Sony, how would that affect the lay of the land as far as our beloved consoles are concerned? Would we see PlayStation 4 facing off against the Xbox 720 or would we see the birth of the iStation?

We can't get our heads around what the future might entail if Apple were to make that big step. How happy would you be for gaming's core to be surrounded by Apple?