'Broken' F1 2010 finally set for patch

Codies sends patch to platform holders

Codemasters has finally confirmed it's finished a patch for F1 2010, set to fix the array of bugs and issues reported by users.

A Codemasters spokesperson wrote on the official forums:


"The team have been hard at work and as a result we have now completed all internal testing on the patch.

"The patch is now in submission with Microsoft and Sony for all 3 platforms, and once this process has been successfully completed the patch will be released, ready for you to download. Keep an eye out on the forums, facebook, and twitter, as we'll let you know as soon as it's ready to download. "

The biggest issue Codemasters needs to work on is a corrupted save file problem, but there are plenty more bugs needing attention from the technicians too.

[ SOURCE: Codemasters ]