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Shenmue 3: Would you buy it?

Debate: Does Sega's classic deserve a modern-day outing?

Ah, Shenmue. It's a game we hold dear to our hearts - and yet we haven't written a review related to the series since 2001.

We still think about Shenmue every day, but mostly our thoughts comprise of little more than, "What gives Sega!?"

You know what the worse part is? Sega taunts us. "We still think about Shenmue too," it says - like some ex-girlfriend trying to lie her way out of an awkward chance meeting.

"It's just the sales were never very good".

Yeah? Well, the sales were good enough for us, Sega - and we want Shenmue 3.


Even the creator himself wants it made. For Sonic's sake!

Since getting copies off the shelves is the issue though, the real casting vote lies with you - the avid gaming consumer.

The closest we've come so far is a Shenmue Town announcement for mobile, which quite frankly doesn't cut it.

We can take some comfort in the idea that the first two Dreamcast games could be making their way to modern day consoles if a Sega leak is anything to go by.

So what say ye? Is all this talk of Shenmue making you pine for a third? Or do you think the franchise has had its time?

Are you prepared to accept that money talks - and you cant make a game without sales - or do you hold on to the hope that Sega will bite the bullet for a niche market?

Who knows, if we get a big enough positive response here, maybe we could leave a list of signatures on Sega's doormat...