Ubi lists AC: Brotherhood improvements coming post beta

Better matchmaking and voice chat, new group lobby and lots more

Ubisoft Montreal says that the Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood closed multiplayer beta, which wrapped up last week, was a success and has listed a number of improvements planned for the final game based on the data collected.

By the looks of it, there's plenty to do; standout changes include improved matchmaking and voice chat, better climbing control and a new group lobby system.

And Ubi community developer Gabe Graziani say's the below list is "by no means complete", so there's even more. Here's what's changing:

Improvements / Fixes:

* Improved Matchmaking
* Improved Voice Chat
* Improved Lock Mechanism
* Improved Stun
* Improved Climbing Control
* Improved Sound
* Improved Kill Cams
* Improved Scoring Display
* Improved End Game Screen
* Improved Rematch

Added Features:

* New Group Lobby System
* Teammate Indicators in Alliance Mode
* Pursuer Proximity Sound
* Gun and Firecrackers Crowd Reaction
* Player Levels in Player List
* Team Score in Menus

[ SOURCE: EU PS Blog ]