PS2 'reset boundaries' of games, sold 146m worldwide

Sony marks the 10th anniversary of PS2 in US

The PlayStation 2 - would you believe it - is 10 years old today in US, and Sony marks the occasion calling it "the system that reset the boundaries of what a video game experience should be".

In PR sent via email, SCEA says: "With its integrated DVD and CD technology, online connectivity and introduction of motion gaming through the EyeToy USB camera, PlayStation 2 was the first system to serve as a true entertainment hub for the whole family.

"A decade later the system is still being introduced into living rooms across the globe and welcoming new generations of gamers, some of whom were not born when the system first launched."

146 million PS2s have been sold worldwide in its 10 years on sale, and over half a billion software units sold in the US alone - where over 2000 games make up its colossal library. "Astounding in its global reach and still one the most popular video game systems ever, one in every three U.S. households own a PlayStation 2 system and 146 million people around the world can attest to its incomparable entertainment value," Sony adds.

EEDAR analyst Jesse Divnich chimes in: "The PlayStation 2 was the first true home entertainment platform, enabling consumers to consolidate their entertainment desires into one console. Since 2000, the video game industry has expanded in size and demographic diversity as the trend towards consolidating entertainment options within a single platform continues, a vision that was originally initiated by the PlayStation 2 over 10 years ago."

Here's SCEA boss Jack Tretton saying his bit for the good old box:

Now enough chat; let's fire up Fantavision and go all mushy with nostalgia.