Fable 3 is 'art' - Lionhead

"I'd say Fable 3 is art, but then I would do."

Lionhead has labelled Fable 3 as "art" - in typically polite fashion.


No doubt to the disagreement of US movie critic Robert Ebert, the British studio stuck up for the "great gameplay" and "amazing sights" in Fable 3.

Speaking in a new interview, creature art manager Ian Faichnie told CVG:

"That's a big question, there's a general move amongst people who like to classify things to start classing some games as art (whatever art is). I say yes, Fable 3 is art - but then I would do.

"With Fable we try hard to make a living world of interesting characters, amazing sights, great story telling and fine voice acting, a stirring soundtrack and great gameplay. Why isn't that art?

"Ultimately it doesn't matter; call it what you like as long as you enjoy the game for one or all of the reasons listed above we're happy."

Fable 3 was released in the US today, and hits UK shelves on Friday.