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DC Universe Online 'Scarecrow' screens released

Dr. Jonathan Crane in all his frightening glory

Sony Online Entertainment has released new artwork and screens showing off Batman villain Scarecrow in DC Universe Online.

The MMO has received a lot of attention from both gamers and comic book fans thanks to an all star cast of writers, artists, designers and developers.


The screens show off Scarecrow going toe to toe with a number of random - presumably player created - superheroes. The devious villain can be seen using guns, a meat cleaver and goons to try and get the upper hand.

DC Universe Online's dev team includes a number of people who formerly worked on EverQuest. The story is penned by acclaimed comic book writer Geoff Johns, who has worked on Superman, Flash, JSA and Green Lantern. Legendary American comic book artist Jim Lee is serving as executive creative director on DCUO.

Check out this impressive six-minute cinematic trailer - it's brilliant.