Assassin's Creed team 'always working on new concepts'

'Core people' have final say on future settings, says brand man

Ubisoft Montreal's responded to our report that Assassin's Creed 2 was going to be set in the Aztec, stating in an interview that it's "always working on new concepts".

Speaking to CVG in Rome (see our pretty pictures), senior international brand manager Eric Gallant assured us that Ubisoft's taking the future of the AC series "seriously", revealing that it already has people working on the next concepts.


"There are always people working on new concepts, technology and ideas. They work on it and present it to core people and get a yes or no go," he said.

"There's always internal development and test with consumers. Multiplayer for example has been tested every day.

"It is our biggest franchise so we're taking it seriously. There are people working and thinking about the future vision of the franchise, which I can't talk about but it is something that we are willing to keep pushing."

He added: "Like with any big franchise you want to make sure you're doing what is right with the franchise and you have people that are thinking about the future."

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A new trailer was released last week.