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42 hot games only on PS3: 15-6

We countdown the best Sony exclusives over the next 12 months...

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Hailed by some as the ultimate 3D game - howling through an earthquake means there's plenty flying at your face -Apocalypse is working hard in 2D too.

The shift to the city brings collapsing buildings, rising slabs, spreading chasms and shifting routes. While much is scripted, it won't be the same each time you play. The pedestrians you slam into will be well pleased.

11. LittleBigPlanet 2: Delayed, but the Beta trial is showing unbelievable promise.

According to devs Media Molecule, the sequel's delay until January was to cut down on the need to patch the game post-release.

This means they can implement fixes and tweaks from the Beta before launch. Sensible, as the Beta seems to be showcasing near limitless possibilities.

We've already seen classics like Pac Man and Geometry Wars, while others demonstrate how to build an RPG - with working inventory - or show off working First Person Shooters.

10. Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One: At last. Crafty, cheery violence for all the family.

There's plenty of conflict out there, so four-player co-op action is welcome. But that's not it. Insomniac has taken great pains to keep all four players on one screen. That's why this is exciting.

Why is one screen good? Visual quality is higher than a split screen, everyone can see everything all the time and gameplay flows seamlessly into cut-scenes.

It zooms when you're bunched and pulls out when you scatter. Simple. Clever. And full of potential for lots of big, group set-pieces.

9. Killzone 3: PS Move compatible 3D shooter aims to be PS3's ultimate technical showcase.


Ever wondered what pushing somebody's eyes out with your thumbs would look like in 3D, but don't live in Newport? Wonder no more.

Killzone 3 combines new Brutal Melee moves with 3D support - and PS Move support, arm-waving fans - so you can find out.

Guerrilla Games is also promising greater variety and, having already used all possible greys and browns the unburst human eye can see, that means trips through jungle, ice plains, nuked cities and space.

PlayStation 3 exclusive DLC & HD remakes

8. Heavy Rain: It has now been patched with Move functionality? Grab it off the PSN now - it is free for Move owners.

7. Dead Space Extraction: The former Wii-only on-rails prequel to Dead Space. It'll be beautified via an HD make-over and will have Move controls built in.

6. Medal of Honor Frontline: Remastered in HD. That beach landing opener doesn't quite have the same impact as it did first time round, but the rest of the game holds up surprisingly well. You'll also get an invite to the Battlefield 3 Beta, which is - sadly - a multiformat thing.

Check back tomorrow to see the final part of the countdown where we'll be revealing a few more of the hottest upcoming PS3 exclusives and unveiling our most anticipated PS3 exclusive.

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