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The Dark Knight Rises: Will we get a video game?

Nolan announces new Bat flick - could a tie-in survive this time?

News of The Dark Knight Rises, the third in Christopher Nolan's Batman movie series, has ignited hopes in fans across the globe that a video game won't be far behind.

However, it's also turned the spotlight back on EA and Warner's inability to agree terms on a game adaptation of the movie's predecessor.

Nolan yesterday confirmed that he was making The Dark Knight Rises for the big screen - and that, despite speculation, it will not feature The Riddler as a villain. Gamers, understandably, have shown their excitement on Twitter and across the web.

However, a The Dark Knight video game from 2008 never hit shelves - despite almost certainly existing.

An EA insider told the Associated Press at the time that a Dark Knight game was in the works - with (the now defunct) Pandemic developing.


Gary Oldman, who plays commissioner Jim Gordon, said he'd actually seen some of the Dark Knight game in action.

The game was said to be open-world, according to Oldman - a lot of work had gone into giving the gliding mechanic a feeling "that you've never really felt before".

What do you lot think? We got a Batman Begins game that was largely underwhelming, will a Dark Knight Rises game even be worth owning next to Batman: Arkham City?