How can The Dark Knight Rises video game beat Arkham City?

Debate: Will a movie tie-in ever have a chance?

Batman: Arkham Asylum was the nuts. Not just in terms of Batman games - but in terms of any superhero game in the history of spandex.

Batman: Arkham City is set to be bigger, better and Battier than the first and we can't wait.

The amazing amount of comic-book content, the manic cackle of Mark Hamill's Joker, the devastating free-flowing combat of The Dark Knight himself and those fantastic Scarecrow fever dreams all make Rocksteady's Batman look almost unbeatable.



OK so the Batman Begins movie tie-in wasn't much cop, but it wasn't awful.

Plus the tie-in for The Dark Knight, before it was cancelled, came with words like "open-world" and "Batman" tagged on it. That's the combo we've been waiting for, right?

Granted, since Arkham Asylum, many have been turned off the idea of a Batman open world game - or maybe it was the 1998 Batman & Robin game that did the business - but we're wiser now when it comes to sprawling cities.

Plus, with the amazing take Christopher Nolan has on the Bat - the grungier Joker, the tank-like Batmobile, the darker, more realistic Batman - his kind of vision would contrast nicely with the more comic-book based Arkham City.

With the right developer, a truly open-world Dark Knight Rises video game would not only set itself apart from Arkham City but could seriously compete with it as well... Couldn't it?