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Warhawk director 'won't rush' new Sony title

"We don't want to show it before its ready", says LightBox president

Warhawk game director and LightBox Interactive president Dylan Jobe says the developer "won't rush" its unannounced Sony title, but adds that it's "making absolutely fantastic progress".


LightBox is the indie studio formed by ex-staff of Warhawk and Twisted Metal: Black developer Incognito. It's been quietly working away on games for "the PlayStation family of platforms" since signing a multi-year contract with Sony last year.

"We know our fans and the media are very interested in getting an update on what we're working on and I can't wait to show it," Jobe Tweeted.

"The game is still making absolutely fantastic progress -- the result of all the hard work from our team here at LightBox Interactive! We don't want to show it before its ready! Our industry shows its games too early a lot of the time and we are not going to make that mistake.

"We're really doing some new and exciting stuff and simply put, it all just takes time -- and we won't rush it. Player's deserve games that aren't rushed. Period."

He added: "And I am *so* thankful that SONY is giving us the time we need to make it really wicked -- and it will all be worth it!"

Would you still like to see a follow-up to Warhawk, which we labelled PS3's best online game back in 2007?

[ SOURCE: Twitter ]