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GT5 gets more stunning X1 prototype screens

If only this car were real

The prototype racer that's exclusive to Gran Turismo 5 (reality doesn't even get its hands on this baby) has been snapped from all angles and it looks amazing.


Details and a couple of shots of the amazing X1 concept car were released last week, but now it's time to have a proper look at this speed-demon.

It was designed by Red Bull Racing's much-respected chief technical officer Adrian Newey, who was taken off the leash to design the car.

GT5 boss Kazunori Yamauchi said the GT5 team would then bring the X1 to life in the PS3 sim.

That's the sim that's been delayed again, which Yamauchi knows is inexcusable.

We're expecting a new Gran Turismo 5 release date any time now.