Xbox Kinect review - world's first is in

Microsoft says Evening Standard write-up was a preview

The world's first Xbox Kinect review has appeared in today's London Evening Standard newspaper - giving the accessory a full five stars and a glowing recommendation.

However, CVG understands that the review was based on a hands-on with the kit orchestrated by Microsoft, rather than an exhaustive product test.


Regardless, writer Mark Prigg seems to have spent a decent chunk of time with the tech.

He writes: "Just occasionally a piece of technology comes along that really is a 'game changer' rather than just a marketing slogan - and Kinect is one of them. It's the stuff of science fiction, letting you play games and navigate through menus with a swipe of your hand. It is the film Minority Report come to life - and it works."

The Standard journo was "shown several technical demos which reveal the incredibly complex mathematics behind the technology".

Although he admits that it's difficult to foresee how "battle titles Halo and Call of Duty will translate", the initial launch line-up is branded "incredibly good fun".

Prigg calls the system "a glimpse into the future of computing".

He concludes: "In a few years, even our desktop PCs may be using a new version of Windows with Kinect built in. But for now, this is an essential purchase for any Xbox owner, and if the games are good enough, could help Microsoft steal the lucrative family games market from Nintendo."

The first comprehensive Kinect review write-ups - including CVG's - are expected to be published next week. The kit is launched in the US on November 4, and in the UK on November 10.

The Evening Standard's coverage appears online as a preview.