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Kinect 'the big motion control winner' this Xmas

Research firm expects 360 camera to prevail in sales battle this Christmas

Market research firm Ipsos has forecast Kinect to be "the big game winner for [the] US 2010 holiday season".

13 per cent of respondents polled by the firm said they intended to purchase Kinect, while 11 per cent said they planned to buy Move.


But while the poll results suggested "it will be a close fight" between Move and Kinect, Ipsos said Microsoft's motion camera will come out on top commercially.

According to the firm, those quizzed said they thought Kinect was more unique than Move, and expressed greater faith in its ability to work as advertised.

"Kinect wins on two important dimensions that are predictive of market success: uniqueness and believability," said Ipsos.

"Given a new usage experience, one might expect some level of skepticism among respondents for Kinect. Surprisingly, though, Kinect excels on both uniqueness and believability vs. other tech products in the Vantis database. PS Move is rather weak on both dimensions."

Ipsos added: "While there are a lot of factors other than consumer appeal that influence demand, the underlying potential for Xbox Kinect looks very good.

"The key for Microsoft is to remain focused on the primary differentiating aspect of Kinect, i.e., "no controller required". Needlessly adding more messages around features and applications may result in the dilution of the critical consumer communication.

"The strength of Kinect lies in its simplicity of use... If Microsoft can keep its communications simple and single minded, it looks to have the lead in next generation controllers."

US Kinect pre-orders spiked in the US following an appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

The Evening Standard went live with the world first Kinect (p)review earlier today.

[ SOURCE: Ipsos ]