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Minecraft sells half a million, gets Halloween update

Indie hit now has 1.6 million registered users

PC world-building game Minecraft has sold 500,000 copies and now has 1.6 million registered users.

While it was made by one man development army, Swedish game maker Markus Persson, he has now appointed a team to help him grow the indie phenomenon.

"We have had a lot to do lately with setting up an office and making sure we work with the right people," said Mojang AB business manager Daniel Kaplan. "We believe that we have found really great development teams that will help us make Minecraft even better."

Last week, supposed Minecraft 'fans' hammered the game's servers with a malicious distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack. They were reportedly unhappy with what they perceived to be a lack of promised game updates.

Perhaps they'll be kinder, what with a Halloween update set for release this weekend. It'll add new features such as the currently named underworld 'The Slip', where players will be able to teleport long distances in the game world.

Minecraft places players in a visually simple, large and hostile 3D world in which they have to build tools and find resources to survive. Its multiplayer allows users to collaborate or compete.