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CVG: Comments of the week

Sometimes funny just happens...

When there's too much funny for our Funny Room, we stick the funniest funny in here.

That's right, the end of another gruelling week brings us the only thing we've ever really got to look forward to in life; funny comments by you The CVG Mahoosive (It's our new gang name, we're working on a secret handshake).

You've been funny, we've been typing and when our powers combine you get the following smile generator. Hats off to you, hats off to you all.

Oh and by the way, if any of you have an idea for a secret handshake, let us know in the comments section.

World of Warcraft expansion 4 'will be f***ing awesome'

I'm still hoping for it to be called "Attack of the New but not so evil Lich King".

We like it Blumiere. We'll just ink it in now... There, Wow expansion 4 name confirmed.

Killzone 3 screens are grim

All that gold must be worth a fortune!

Shame we can't pick it out of the TV altitude2k.

These places dont look so bad. You can fix them up a little bit and rent them out to hipsters- thats what I do back in Philly

We want to stay at scottabc's house. He sounds coooool.

PSP2 has big HD screen, overheating problems - report

Handheld gaming is for mugs. I'll stick to my 42 inch plasma ,thank you very much.

This is why everyone frowns at pmantis when he's on the...

@pmantis: Yeah, I bet playing games on the bus is really easy lugging that beast of a tv round!

Oh wow! Look at that jsb115 great minds or what? Let's do lunch, we've got sitcom ideas.

Sony: PS3 Skype a possibility

Australia are skype mental *aussie accent* nigh skype, eye nigh!

Ahh. That's...That's just not good iucidium.

Sexy (and strange) BlizzCon 2010 cosplay

TBH... I would hit 2 and 15 like a Spartan... SPAAARTAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!

Jesus kimoak that's a bit...


martinawatson - Oh God they're all doing it.

That big fat reindeer/bear thing would well get it.

They don't call him filth87 for nothing.

Apple tipped to buy Sony, EA

Microsoft; you have my sympathies and hoped you enjoyed your little foray into consoles (if, of course, this does transpire. If not, carry on)

Microsoft gets permission from DavidVM.

Never mind that! Theres a rumor on the web that Cheryl Cole may have mimed her song on Sunday nights X factor!!

No we rang her, timewarp1, and she said she did. Personally, we believe her.

Its a pity she didn't mime all her clothes!

This made us actually laugh buffig... We're children.

Pachter: Who Apple should buy

If I jot down my opinion and include it with something remotely formal... My gamerscore?

Can you guys put me on the front page?

Depends how high your gamerscore is Mirglas