Reggie: Nintendo's advantage over Apple is 'content'

Nintendo seemingly not interested in the smartphone market

Nintendo America boss Reggie Fils-Aime has already admitted that he views Apple, not Microsoft or Sony, as its main threat. But he's confident Nintendo has one key advantage.

"Certainly we are adding more and more elements to fill out the experience and take away more and more time from competing devices," Fils-Aime told Forbes. "But our handhelds will always lead with games."

And it's this focus on games that keeps Nintendo from entering the smartphone market like Microsoft and, as recently rumoured, Sony.

"3DS content will be dramatically unique to our platform, because I don't think a smartphone manufacturer will invest to put a 3-D parallax screen in their device and not have the content to bring it to life," said Reggie.

"What I have on Apple is content, because it's our content that will give Nintendo a long-term competitive advantage."

[ SOURCE: Forbes ]