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Street Fighter Gaiden manga hits US next month

Udon publishing SF manga series starting November 24

Publishing firm Udon has picked up the Street Fighter Gaiden manga comics for release in North America, starting with Volume 1 on November 24.

Street Fighter Gaiden is a short series featuring the fighters from Street Fighter II. Classic stuff here. Here's Udon's summary (via Siliconera):

"Written and drawn by Mami Itou (Darkstalkers/Red Earth, ROBOT, Pilgrim Jäger), Street Fighter Gaiden spotlights the World Warriors' adventures outside the tournament scene. The series is made up of short stories each devoted to a classic Street Fighter character.

"Fan-favorites like Ryu, Ken, Chun-li, and Guile each get their due, as do many other skilled fighters. Cammy teams up with Delta Red against the narcisitic Vega, T. Hawk has a desert showdown with Balrog, Fei-Long teaches everyone what it truly means to be a martial artist, and Ryu & Ken face off together against their deadliest rival - Akuma!"


Volume 2 will follow in January 2011. There's no word on a UK release, but we're sure the more eager of you will be importing those bad boys.

[ SOURCE: Siliconera ]