Gran Turismo 5 release date leaked?

We don't trust anyone anymore

The latest Gran Turismo 5 release date may have been leaked by a Japanese online retailer.

The latest in a string of GT5 delays has left us cowering in the corner when it comes to a release date for the racing sim. We don't want to get burned again, Sony.


But Japanese retailer has listed GT5 with a release date of December 23, which normally would be considered some sort of placeholder.

Since then, however, the site has pulled the date back down, suggesting that it was some sort of mistake and maybe even something we shouldn't have seen.

GT5 was originally dated for November 5, but was delayed in October with Sony saying it expected to confirm a release date by the end of the month. Well, the end of the month's been and gone.

We'll get on to it.

[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]