JFK in Black Ops: What will the Daily Mail think?

Expect angry headlines - about a week late, no doubt

SPOILERS COMING, FOLKS: If you somehow missed the spoilerific news yesterday, you'll be unaware that the Zombie mode in Call of Duty: Black Ops features some pretty famous political faces.

The popular online co-op mode will see you fighting off waves of the undead as former US Presidents John F. Kennedy and Richard Nixon, Fidel Castro and ex-US Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara. Seriously.

We think it's hilarious. Case in point - at 5 minutes 44 seconds in the first movie below, Kennedy attempts to upgrade his gun only to find out he hasn't enough cash. "But I want it," he moans.

But as amusing as it is, we doubt the gaming-unfriendly scribes at some of the national UK papers will agree. We reckon the news - when it's eventually picked up - will cause a furore that could match the controversy over Modern Warfare 2's 'No Russian' mission and Medal of Honor's original inclusion of playable Taliban forces - especially if you can 'assassinate' fellow presidents via teamkill tactics.

We should point out that JFK et al's appearance in Black ops hasn't been officially confirmed, but the movies below look as legit as they come, and we can't wait for the game's release on November 9.

SPOLIER ALERT - If you want to avoid potential single player campaign spoilers, skip to 1m 20s in the first movie below to watch JFK in action.

This second movie features Castro on a zombie rampage. He also gets annoyed by 'overpriced' weaponry, and encounters what seems to be a new crawling zombie variant not featured in CoD: World at War's original Zombies mode.

What do you say, CVG readers? Is it too soon for said US leaders to feature as playable characters in a videogame, or is it just an honest bit of fun?