Kinect Dashboard: The beginning of the end?

Opinion: Tom Pakinkis feels like he's losing his 360

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And that start-up tutorial video, the one that tells us how to use the analogue sticks to scroll through the menu. Please.

And that's the problem. This isn't just a case of the Xbox sticking on a bland sweatshirt - with its flat, grey boxes - it's the dumbing down of a console in preparation for the casual gamer.

Granted it's only a visual dumbing down, and Microsoft would call it streamlining in preparation for Kinect users, who'll be swiping around the menu screens, but in a way that's worse.

With Kinect's starting line-up, bar a few potentials, it hasn't done a lot to convince me that it's going to cater for the hardcore sufficiently. I want the 360 to drag Kinect to the core, at the moment it looks like Kinect is going to push the console to the casual.

I'm sure that the 360 will provide more than enough for real gamers for a long time, but today it feels like my console is trying to impress someone - and that someone isn't me.

Maybe I'm being paranoid, but I feel like I'm losing my Xbox 360.

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