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Ghost of Sparta: 'The most complete God of War so far'

Ready at Dawn's Ru Weerasuriya talks about packing a punch on PSP

God of War, if nothing else, is big.

Even way back in the days when were plugging our controllers into our consoles like mugs, God of War devs made sure Kratos was big on violence and big on anger.

With God of War 3 packing a real punch on PS3 though, how is God of War: Ghost of Sparta developer Ready At Dawn supposed to up the ante again on the far smaller PSP?

We spoke to Ready at Dawn co-founder and creative director Ru Weerasuriya, who seemed pretty confident.

What can you tell us about the sex scene, which is somewhat of a trademark for God of War?


It's a really fun one that is integrated really well in the game, more so than any of the ones before it.

It's become a staple of God of War but rather than being serious about it, it's more of a light-hearted way of looking at things and making fun gameplay out of something that is often considered taboo.

This one is cool as a mini-game, there's some good dialogue in there. It's also bringing it back to Greek mythology.

People want to say we did that because it's God of War but if you read Greek mythology there's stories about it, so it falls in line with the context, the world a mythology of the game and it works.

God of War on the consoles is a big technical showpiece, have you managed to get the same sort of spectacle in Ghost of Sparta with the technical restrictions of the PSP?

Absolutely, as you said that is the staple of the IP and if you don't do that fans will be cheated if they don't get that feel - regardless of the platform it's on.

So when we approached Ghost of Sparta we had to take ourselves outside the mindset of 'just making a PSP game', we were making a God of War game that happens to be on the PSP.

It's hard to cram it in but it definitely is the direction we took to make sure that is exactly what the players were getting, the same spectacle, grandiose feel and quality of graphics.

How did you overcome the restrictions?

Pretty much by brining the PSP to a breaking point, it was about trying to push things on the PSP that it wasn't necessarily designed for, trying to exploit every single possible avenue the PSP provided for us.

For example, the game model for Kratos is very close to the game model for Kratos in the PS2 games. The game has full screen effects, depth of field, bloom, weather, a lot of things we've done you'd expect on PS2 or PS3.

In fact, when we developed this game we did it as a God of War game, not a PSP game, it put us in a mind frame to make it look good.


Scott Rose said it was the best looking PSP game ever...

I'm glad he said that, I remember when he did. It's hard for us to talk about our game most of the time, but when somebody like him says it, it means quite a lot to us.

He also said it brings the home console experience to the PSP and like you said you've developed it almost as a PS3 game, have you pushed the PSP to it's max with this game?

I think we have, we've looked in every single nook and cranny inside the PSP and tried to figure out what we can take out of it and at this point I think we've leveraged 100% of the power of the PSP.

How much do you think is left in the PSP as a console?

There's still a lot left, people can still make great games, there is still that potential.

Technically we've pushed it where we want to, as far as games are concerned there are still plenty more to be made, it's just a question of how much support a developer is going to give it.

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