10 of the best exclusive PSN games

Top games you don't even have to leave your couch for

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There might not be a huge amount to it, but add some incense sticks, lava lamps and tie-dyed pyjama trousers and Flow is about as bohemian as you can get on any console.


Price: £6.29 (for PixelJunk Shooter)
It's cruel to rope so many great titles together, but hey, we've only got ten spaces.

Besides, separated out, these games would dominate the list. At the top sits Shooter, with its addictive physics engine and bold art style.

Monsters still stands out as one of the best tower-defence titles out there and Eden is an innovative, dream-like pollinate-'em-up journey.

Even though it's the weakest of the selection, Racers is still a great racer.


Fat Princess
Price: £11.99
Steal your opponent's princess from her castle and bring her back to yours. Then make the royal chunk-up on cake to slow down the rescue attempt.

Fat Princess is one of those simple concepts that succeeds as a multi-player game thanks to layers of strategy and twisted cartoon visuals.

It won't win any awards for political correctness, but that only adds to the charm. Mario could probably learn a few lessons from these guys - more Victoria sponge, Peach..?


Price: £4.79
Just when you thought every variation on the classic brick-breaking theme had been created, Shatter turned up and, appropriately, shattered that belief by adding all kinds of physics-based, reflex-testing challenges to the equation.

Some even say it's the best block-busting game since grand-daddy Breakout. Like many of PSN's retro-inspired games, it fuses hypnotic 8-bit music with trippy visuals and addictive, mind-bending gaming. Maybe the old ideas do still work best...


WipEout HD
Price: £11.99
If there was ever a game that benefits from gorgeous, colourful 1080p visuals, the long-running, futuristic PlayStation racer WipEout is it.

The weapons-based, anti-gravity, roller coaster-style title may not have changed since the first instalment in 1995, but that's not the point.

Watching the crisp, colourful tracks whoosh by at 60 frames per second with a backdrop of pounding techno is a truly exhilarating experience. And this is still one of the best-looking games on PS3.

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