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New 2D and 3D Mario adventures confirmed for 3DS

Miyamoto: "They both have their own appeal"

Nintendo plan to make both 2D and 3D Mario adventures for 3DS.

Shigeru Miyamoto confirmed that two new Mario adventures are in the pipeline for the new console during a Q&A session at Nintendo's earnings briefing last week.

When Super Mario became Mario 64, the range of players narrowed greatly," Miyamoto admitted. "When asked 'what will we do on 3DS,' the answer is, of course, we'll make both. They both have their own appeal."

Of course, this approach is nothing new. For the current DS, Miyamoto and his team remade Super Mario 64 for the console and then released the more successful New Super Mario Bros.

According to Miyamoto, the 3DS consoles effects "give a great feeling of existence to Mario, Link and others," he said.

But how will this work in a 2D game? Well, according to Andriasang Miyamoto pointed out that we already see Wigglers and Bullet Bills fly at the screen from afar in the current 2D platformers but things will be improved for 3DS.

"It's difficult to tell when they will hit the player, so we were only able to use these lightly," he added. "However, we'll be able to use this type of thing quite a bit on the 3DS."

With Mario Kart and Paper Mario already confirmed for 3DS, Mario fans are going to be spoilt for choice on 3DS.

The 3DS launches in the UK in March next year.

[ SOURCE: Andriasang ]