Developers hit out at new Xbox dashboard

Indie studios say there's a lack of visibility for their games

A number of developers have criticised Microsoft's new Kinect-focused dashboard for - in their eyes at least - making Indie Games less visible to Xbox 360 users.


The latest dashboard update reorganises the Xbox 360 games marketplace into several categories, with the 'Games & Demos' section now housing Arcade Games, Games on Demand and Demos.

But Indie Games have been placed in their own section within a separate 'Specialty Shops' category, alongside Avatar Marketplace and Game Room.

Discussing the changes on a "mourning thread" on the App Hub, the managing director of Clover: A Curious Tale studio Binary Tweed said: "I would like to suggest that this sucks.

"I'd like to know the rationale behind it - at least then the community could try and come up with constructive alternatives, rather than being pushed further into obscurity," he added.

Meanwhile, Nathan Fouts of Weapon of Choice developer Mommy's Best Games, said he was angry at the fact that Indie Games are seemingly no longer even classified as games.

"It just.. boggles the mind. Clearly it's not based on even the simplest logic.. which is what I'd assume gamers vaguely use when scrolling through those lists. It's not like there's not enough space (there's only 3 boxes in Games and Demos.) It's a categorical failure (literally).

"Gamer 'I'd like a game'. They go to the Games and Demos spot. And then they're done. No one will naturally think 'games' are in the specialty store.

"... I'm here to mourn Indie Games being known as 'games', which I suppose we must now rename Indie Specialties."

The new Xbox 360 dashboard also brought a tear to CVG's eyes, but for different reasons.

[ SOURCE: App Hub ]