SOCOM dev making Resident Evil: Raccoon City?

Slant Six rumored to be working on a team-based Resi game for Capcom

SOCOM developer Slant Six Games is rumored to be the latest studio tapped by Capcom to take part in its East meets West game development strategy.

According to rumors, the studio - which was most recently responsible for SOCOM: Confrontation on PS3 - is currently working on a new team-based Resident Evil game.

Gaming blog Kotaku claims to have received documents indicating that Slant Six Games is bolstering its team to work on a title referred to as 'Resident Evil: Raccoon City'.

Capcom's now-departed development head Keiji Inafune recently made it clear he feels Japan is trailing behind western developers, and that the only way to catch up is to partner with them.


Dead Rising 2 was the first Capcom game to be outsourced to a western studio. The venture proved to be successful and Capcom acquired developer Blue Castle Games.

More recently, Capcom confirmed that UK-based studio Ninja Theory is working on a reboot of its flagship action franchise Devil May Cry.

[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]