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MS: Kinect 'not about moving from the core to the broad'

"It is about 'and' not 'or'"

Despite strong attempts to appeal to non-traditional gamers with Kinect, Microsoft has stressed once more that it isn't planning to exclude core gamers from the fun.


"... We understand the need to target a broad, younger, older, more female audience," Microsoft's European VP of Interactive Entertainment, Chris Lewis, told MCV.

"... By necessity that means we are targeting those people through different media, and working in new ways with our online and print campaigns. And that requires us to spend significant sums of money to achieve the awareness we crave."

Lewis did admit Microsoft's marketing strategy for Kinect was pretty "different" to the one for the Xbox 360 itself, which was aimed squarely at core gamers at launch.

"That said, we are still committed to the core gamer. That is the audience that defined us. It is not about moving from the core to the broad. It is about 'and' not 'or'. Halo: Reach, Fable III and Gears of War are fabulous blockbuster titles for that audience and there will be more to come."

Kinect launches in the States this Thursday and in the UK next Wednesday.

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