James Bond Blood Stone review scores sneak out

IGN gives 5.0/10, GameInformer goes for 7.5

The first James Bond Blood Stone review scores have landed - with IGN awarding 5/10 and GameInformer offering up a more positive 7.5/10.


IGN says: "Blood Stone is not a bad game: it's just a painfully average one. There aren't any majorly broken elements to it, but just because this Stone is relatively polished, doesn't make it a gem."

GameInformer is impressed with the third-person action sequences, but indicates that the driving sections can be a letdown - surprising, considering Project Gotham and Blur gurus Bizarre Creations are at the helm.

Its review reads: "Bizarre clearly set out to make Blood Stone feel like a part of Bond's movie canon, and it's certainly successful on that front. The weapons are anemic, and the driving sections can be dodgy, but it delivers a dose of spectacle and intrigue worthy of the character."

The title was released on Xbox 360 and PS3 today in the US - and hits shelves in the UK on Friday.