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EA MMA 'off to a slow start'

But EA still "optimistic that this one will find an audience"

EA has acknowledged that EA Sports MMA made a "slow start" at retail, but the company says it's "confident" the game will find an audience this Christmas.


Chief operating officer John Schappert said on the publisher's earnings call last night: "MMA, or Mixed Martial Arts game, launched with a great roster of fighters and innovative online features.

"It's off to a slow start, but we are optimistic that this one will find an audience of fight fans over the holidays."

According to Cowen & Company analyst Doug Creutz, the title appeared to be more or less "dead on arrival" at retail in the US, while it debuted at No.23 on the UK all formats chart.

Shortly after release, EA told us that the game had been "well received by critics and consumers for bringing innovation to the genre".