Girl hits 200,000 Achievement points

Dream girlfriend or worst nightmare?

Think you've got skills? An Xbox-loving, Achievement-addicted girl gamer has hit 200,000 Achievement points on her Xbox 360 in the past two years - and she's a mother.

Kirsten grabbed Kotaku's attention last year when she passed the 165,000 points mark, when she vowed to quit the Achievement hunting once she reached 200k.

Now that mark's been met, but she's not giving up games. "I've been gaming for so long, I'll never quit - I'll probably keep gaming until I'm 70. But as far as achievements, I plan to cut back a lot now," she told Kotaku.

Kirsten has not only spent hours playing some of the worst games in the console, but has even bought foreign consoles so she can play imported games - all in an effort to rake in those points.

"I'm not going to sit there for hours on end like I did with Call of Duty 3, playing for 60 hours to get the general rank," she said. "If it's a quick jump-in to a game, 'Hey, help me out,' I don't have a problem with it," added Kirsten, but insists she's done with the "boosting" culture that saw her swap games around within a committed clan of Achievement chasers.

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[ SOURCE: Kotaku ]