MGS4 Trophies (finally) on the way?

Greatest Hits box offers hope

Metal Gear Solid 4 Trophy support has been on stealth sleuth's wish lists for a while now, since Kojima's latest arrived just before the awards hit PlayStation.

The back of the new "Greatest Hits" packaging for MGS4 suggests that those silverware dreams may soon be realised, however.


As you can see in the snap to the left the box lists "Trophies" as one of three PSN features alongside multiplayer and voice chat.

Back in August Kojima said that fan requests for Trophies were being heard but he couldn't say anything about it.

At the beginning of September he then said that he wanted to make an MGS 'Complete Version' which would include Trophies but seemed reluctant because he had his sights set on other games.

Could this be a step in the right direction despite Kojima's words?

[ SOURCE: PlayStation Lifestyle ]