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New God Of War sex scene 'the most integrated yet'

Ready at Dawn co-founder details Kratos' latest promiscuity

Praise the God of War series for its massive scale and its terrifically brutal violence, sure - but don't forget about the sex scenes.

There's more to them than you think, you know. For Ready at Dawn co-founder and creative director Ru Weerasuriya they're a light-hearted jab at social taboos and historically accurate.

Oh and they're enjoyable because it's to do with sex 'n' stuff (tee hee).

All joking aside though, any developer worth his or her salt will still take something like a cheeky sex scene seriously:

"It's a really fun one that is integrated really well in the game, more so than any of the ones before it," said Weerasuriya when CVG asked what the Ghost of Sparta sexing might entail.

"It's become a staple of God of War but rather than being serious about it, it's more of a light-hearted way of looking at things and making fun gameplay out of something that is often considered taboo.


"This one is cool as a mini-game, there's some good dialogue in there. It's also bringing it back to Greek mythology.

"People want to say we did that because it's God of War but if you read Greek mythology there's stories about it, so it falls in line with the context, the world a mythology of the game and it works."

God of War: Ghost of Sparta hits shelves tomorrow. Apparently it'll push your PSP to breaking point so be careful.

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