Shadows of the Damned: Dissected

18 screenshots from the latest footage

With Japanese power couple Shinji Mikami and Suda51 parenting Shadows of the Damned, you'd be right to tweak your anticipation levels up to "Mediocre/High".

Especially since Suda's touted it as a game that could help the Japanese industry compete.

But with very little known about the title at the moment, you might want to remain cautious.

Fair enough, it's sensible card to play, but due caution shouldn't stop us from taking a look at the latest Shadows of the Damned trailer to try and shed a little bit of light on what is already looking like a bit of a quirk-fest from the duo.

The "Halloween" trailer contains a lot of snippets from the first Shadows of the Damned trailer including a cut of what we like to call the "riding a bike like a badass" scene.


This time though the clip has been given the old-timer treatment with a black and white filter including blemishes you'd expect from 1950s cinema.

That's why we've stuck an extreme close-up of a motorbike component, by the way, the point is the screen effect, not mechanics (duh).

Will this be an effect we see repeated throughout the game? From what we've seen, it certainly won't be present during gameplay - shame, because we think that'd be a refreshing visual direction for a game to take - but we could see cut scenes take on the style, which we'd welcome.


Let's not get too artsy-fartsy though. Back to what the game itself might include and the glowing skull companion is what first catches our eye.

He's sort of like the Aku Aku mask in Crash Bandicoot, floating just over the right shoulder. We doubt that our protagonist will have to collect three to be granted temporary invincibility like the little bandicoot, though.


There is, however, a possible clue as to how old no skin might play a part in the Shadows of the Damned.

At one point we see the hero clutching a gun that a skull appears to be pulled towards by what can only be described as red energy.

The skull looks like it becomes bound to the weapon before its' fired. Whether the floating skull follows you round and upgrades your weapons in some circumstance, we don't know. We don't even know if it's the same skull, but it's a possibility.


One clip sports a glowing golden gun as well. This one lets out more of that red energy, which starts off looking like a shotgun blast before appearing to turn into something closer to a fireball.

Whatever it is, it looks like it packs a punch and the golden glow hints towards more weapon power-ups.


On to the characters who are going to be on the receiving end of those blasts. These chirpy chaps look like they're going to play the role of stock recurring baddie.

Covered in what looks like some sort of tar, the skeletal figures looks pretty agile mixing jumping, walking and crawling into their movements.

There's also a shot of one climbing a wall and spewing the black stuff out of his mouth. Better watch out for that.


Some of the more unique characters look big enough to be bosses to us. This one eyed fellow, for example, shares the trailer with an equally massive dude who, again, is glowing red and a bird man - at least he looks like he's bird themed.

They all seem to be made up of the same wooden/metal/stone material, which makes us wonder whether they are spawned from inanimate objects such as trees. That'd be a bit Harry Potter though, wouldn't it?

~What it looks like we've got then, so far, is the standard survival horror third-person shooter with some supernatural elements mixed in. The boss characters - if they are boss characters - look like they'll be the highlights.

As always this is all just wild, zany speculation and we now throw it out to you lot, who should be able to utilise your collective brain power.