Battlefield Play4Free revealed

EA shows off 'full FPS experience' for zero cost

EA showed off Battlefield Play4Free at a showcase on Wednesday.

The idea behind the new title is as straight forward as the name itself; It's Battlefield and it's free if you want to play it.

We managed to get a quick look at the game, which is a world away from the previous costless Battlefield game, Battlefield Heroes.

Where Battlefield Heroes is a cartoon styled take on the third-person shooter, Play4Free is a full-on FPS, with the realistic visuals you'd expect from a console shooter.

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Ok, so the graphics aren't nearly as detailed as your Modern Warfare's and Bad Company's but the emphasis on gritty warfare is captured.


Like Bad Company 2, however, vehicles (16 in all), sandbox gameplay and 32-player battles are included along with maps inspired by the wider series and classes and weapons from Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

The game also uses the same weapon model from Bad Company 2 and players are able to upgrade and customise their characters.

Money will be made via micro-transactions but there's also an in-game currency that can be earned as you play.

EA are aiming big with free-to-play gaming. Yesterday the head of EA's Easy division Ben Cousins said that he wanted gamers to question buying a full priced game and tempt them to spend that lump sum on micro-transactions instead.