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GoldenEye producer 'not at all' worried by pre-owned market

Trade-ins will get the game to a wider audience, says Dawn Pinkney

GoldenEye 007, the modern re-imagining of the N64 classic GoldenEye, hits shelves today.

And producer Dawn Pinkney has told us she isn't phased by the possibility of some gamers picking up Activision's FPS Bond adventure from shelves sporting a pre-owned sticker.

Asked whether she was concerned by the pre-owned market at all, Pinkney said:

"Not at all. I'm more focused on the quality anyway, obviously it's good if it sells, but no.

"That gets the game to a wider audience anyway. So somebody who may not buy a full-price title would pick it up second hand and still get to experience GoldenEye, so no."


Pinkney also said she's confident that GoldenEye 007 has enough to offer to stay on shelves at home anyway.

"Obviously, the split-screen is something that you can jump into quickly when your friends are over," she pointed out.

"The online experience: you're not going to trade it in after finishing the single-player experience because you've got to develop that over time."

But it's not just the usual multiplayer features that offer replayability, according to Pinkney.

"We're hearing a lot from people that have it now that they'll play the level and go back and play it again to discover something new.

"That's exactly how we intended it. There's a lot of replayability there, you can only scratch the surface if you play it on Operative."

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Look out for our full GoldenEye 007 interview later today.