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GoldenEye Wii

The Spy Who Loved Wii

Despite what you might assume, GoldenEye 007 on Wii is not a remake.

The single-player campaign carries similarities to the N64 classic (the sniper rifle in the Dam guard tower, the facility toilets) but it otherwise delivers its own unique interpretation of the 90s Bond film - and it's mostly successful.

The new GoldenEye uses Call of Duty's World at War engine, and you can expect it to feel and play similarly to the sharp, fast action of Activision's flagship FPS. Gameplay involves sprinting, instantly iron-sight aiming at baddies and occasionally even screwing on a silencer to, y'know, act like a spy and do it the stealthy way.


The objective and difficulty system from the original is thankfully one element that has been carried over. Boosting up the challenge-o-meter is the fact that Bond (now carrying the face of beefcake Daniel Craig) is tasked with completing extra tasks and visiting new areas of each level.

Control-wise it's extremely customisable, with Wii Remote, Classic Controller, Zapper and GameCube control options up for tweaking.

The whole campaign feels polished, with slick cutscene transitions (again, just like Call of Duty), decent animation, exciting set pieces (such as the opening truck chase and tank explosion-fest) and impressively evocative environments.

If you were waiting for the inevitable, you're about to get it - predictable ellipsis and all. Enjoy: GoldenEye 007 looks excellent... for a Wii game.

What does that platform-specific appendage represent. Well, without the firepower of a PS3 or 360 to back it up, the GoldenEye 2010 isn't the most frantic of shooters. There is a noticeable cap on the number of enemies on screen at any one time.

However, developer EuroCom distracts you in smart ways - almost making up for the lack of gung-ho bullet showers with sneaking-with-the-silencer-on stealth sections. These are a refreshing addition - and remind you that they seem to have gone missing in the genre of late.

There's the odd dodgy AI incident, too - with baddies occasionally spotting you through cover or staring at the wall while you pick off their mates - and mission objectives that sometimes aren't as clear as they could be. Otherwise, GoldenEye's campaign is a solid if not entirely remarkable contribution to the Wii FPS catalogue.

But just like the original the real attraction here is the multiplayer mode - whether in classic split-screen or via the surprisingly smooth online mode. It helps that once out of campaign, things take a decided turn for the retro.


When playing with friends, GoldenEye ditches the new auto-recover health system for the classic N64 health bars. There's a meaty selection of maps and game types (which thankfully resist the temptation to modernise to today's Capture the Flag/King of the Hill template) and the introduction of Call of Duty-style XP and unlockables to give you an incentive to keep playing.

A huge chunk of the developer's attention has clearly gone into the multiplayer side - and we've had a lot of fun spraying paintballs and firing the golden gun at Oddjob, Jaws and co.

Though GoldenEye on Wii doesn't deliberately go out to recreate aspects of the original, its multiplayer mode does bottle some of the spirit and fun of the N64 days, with plenty of trash talk, screen-spying and all-round good times inspired by split screen play.

Is it as good as the original? Of course not - that was a near impossible task. But if you're looking for a decent, polished single-player shooter with genuinely fun and customisable multiplayer mode, this is best in class... for a Wii game.

The verdict

A polished FPS with great multiplayer and plenty of reason to keep playing.

  • Great multiplayer - online and off
  • Feels sharp
  • Looks excellent... for a Wii game
  • Smart customisation options
  • Doesn't rely too much on the original
  • Dodgy AI
  • Solo game won't set the genre on fire
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