First 'moron' breaks TV with Kinect

One day after release, we have our first victim...

An Xbox 360-owning 'moron' has already managed to break his expensive telly whilst playing Kinect.

That 'moron' (his words, not ours) is journalist Phil Villarreal, who had a rather unfortunate accident with his peripheral this morning. Just one day after release too...


"A public service announcement: Do not under any circumstances play Kinect Sports Volleyball at 1:30 a.m. while standing under a ceiling fan with a dangling chain for a light switch," the unfortunate victim wrote on his blog.

"You could conceivably spike it into your year-old amazing TV, causing it to die with a rainbow LCD teardrop dripping down from the impact wound."

You've been warned.

Kinect's out in the UK next week. Check out our hardware review if you haven't already.

[ SOURCE: Blogspot ]